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Donat Mg

Donat MG Natural Magnesium Water

A natural solution for regular digestion...

Donat is a totally natural solution for regular digestion. Take care of your digestion, take care of yourself. Donat is natural mineral water that is clinically proven to stimulate digestion in a natural way, and is therefore excellent for the wellbeing of the entire human body. Donat naturally stimulates digestions through a unique combination of minerals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

How to drink Donat properly

For the best effect and solution to your problems choose the right drinking regime. Donat relieves various health issues with the help of different drinking regimes.

In the drinking program for stimulation of digestion Donat can be drunk continuously and for a long time. Drink it slowly and at room temperature three times a day.

In the morning, on an empty stomach Before lunch Before dinner

This program of drinking Donat has been created in order to support the functioning of digestive system together with a diverse and balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. This drinking program can be applied continuously and for a long time.