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Cockta's story began in the early 1950s, when the father of Cockta, Emerik Zelinka, created a refreshing and original tasting drink using a blend of eleven different local Slovenian herbs...



The first Cockta bottle

In the early 1950's, the father of Cockta, Mr.Emerik Zelinka, working for the Slovenijavino beverage company, created a refreshing drink made of excellent natural ingredients. He combined dog rose berries, vitamin C with its pleasantly tart taste, various herbs, pure spring water, and caramelized sugar.

He named it “Cockta”, which comes from the word “cocktail”, suggesting a mixture of ingredients. The first public promotion of Cockta took place on 8 march 1953 at the Planica ski jumping events, where visitors were greeted in every comer by a poster of a little girl drinking Cockta.

The rounded quarter little bottle, filled with a brown fizzy liquid alluded to the western lifestyle. In the very same year, the first million liters of Cockta were produced, the equivalent of 4,5 million bottles.

Cockta is available at EURO - BALKAN GROCERY (TIMA'S HOUSE)

What is your favorite drink?

Cockta - 37.9%
Jupi Orange - 20.7%
Fanta Orange - 13.8%
Fanta Shokata - 20.7%
Fructal Fruit Juices - 6.9%


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