Donat Mg Mineral Water


Source and composition of natural mineral water

Natural mineral waters, of which Donat Mg natural mineral water is one, are subterranean waters with specific constant chemical and physical properties...


As it flows into the depths of the Earth, the water gets to work intensively on dissolving the subterranean rocks; this is due to its physical-chemical properties and to factors such as pressure, temperature, gases, etc. The greater the presence of carbon dioxide, the more aggressive and efficient this activity becomes.

In this manner, aqueous solutions are formed, which differ in terms of the quantity and diversity of dissolved mineral matter. When it comes to natural mineral waters, the diversity of the dissolved mineral matter depends on the subterranean environment through which the water flows, the depth of the water’s paths and the amount of time the water is retained underground.


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Radenska - 16.3%
Knjaz Milos - 14%
Jamnica - 7%
Donat Mg - 11.6%
Oaza - 34.9%
Gorna Bania - 4.7%
Borsec - 11.6%



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