Oaza Mineral Water


Oaza mineral water won a gold medal at the Berkeley Springs Mineral Water Contest in the United States...


Oaza Mineral Water, a product from Bosnia-Herzegovina that was sent to Berkeley Springs by a Red Cross volunteer who knew of the competition, won first place out of 10 entries in the sparkling water category.

The water-tasting contest at the Coolfont Resort is similar to wine-tasting. Judges examine, sniff and taste samples that are rated on appearance, odor, flavor, mouth feel and aftertaste.

But it is the water without taste or smell that wins bragging rights.

The competition is the main event of Berkeley Springs, 10-week Festival of the Waters. The setting for the annual contest is the resort town founded by George Washington, his friends and family in 1776 as one of the country's first spas.


Rumour has it that even President Bill Clinton drank Oaza in the White House.

Oaza Mineral Water is available at EURO - BALKAN GROCERY (TIMA'S HOUSE)

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Radenska - 16.3%
Knjaz Milos - 14%
Jamnica - 7%
Donat Mg - 11.6%
Oaza - 34.9%
Gorna Bania - 4.7%
Borsec - 11.6%



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